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Summer Vision

As I sit in my studio right now, a billowing wave of heat descends onto Phoenix like a big suffocating blanket. Its that time of year again where everyone complains about the weather... sorry about that. Despite the lethargy that summer brings I am focused and full of the plans that I have yet to release into the world. My sketchbooks are wild and full to the brim, I like it. Thanks to my beloved mobile AC unit I won't die of heat exhaustion in my little studio outpost. I have been dutifully going out there each day to work out my ideas, unsuccessfully and semi-successfully. As the wildflowers in my garden get crunchy and dried up, Im inspired to create my first big relaunch project in their name. This summer/fall, I am releasing a few limited editions of varying products which are inspired by seasons change, wildflowers and dried flowers. A seasonal lifecycle, collected flowers that are dried and hanging on the wall, flower petals that are in turn used for natural dyes- this is m…

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